The Mineralogical Record – Volume 44 # 3 – 1 – Mineral Collections In Arizona


The Mineralogical Record – Volume 44 # 3 – 1


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A supplement to May – June 2013

Mineral Collecting in Arizona
– META & the Mineral Minions
– Malcolm Alter collection

– Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum collection
– University of Arizona collection
– Dale Armstrong collection
– William W. Besse collection
– Bisbee Mining & Historicaql Museum
– John & Karen Cesar collection
– Kerry Cooper collection
– Jean & Jean-Luc des Rivieres collection
– Bob Downs collection
– The RRUFF Project collection
– Stan Esbenshade collection
– Arthur L. Flagg collection
Flagg Mineral Foundation collection
Marc Fleischer collection
Brandon Godas collection
George Godas collection
Graeme Family collection
Raymond W. Grant collection
Tom Gressman collection
Paul Harter collection
Mark Hay collection
Karen R. Hruby collection
Aleta & Ed Huskinson collection
Michael & Mary Jaworski
Evam & Bob Jones collection
Mark Kielbaso collection
Jim & Imelda Klein collection
Samantha Kolinsky collection
John C. Lucking collection
Steve Maslansky collection
Paul & Barbara Matt collection
Lauren Megaw collection
Peter Megaw collection
Gene & Roz Meieran
Mineralogical Society of Arizona collection
Tom Moore collection
Dick Morris collection
Barbara L. Muntyan collection
Jason New collection
Marcus J. Origlieri collection
Ronald J. Pellar collection
Tony L. Potucek collection
Les & Paula Presmyk collection
Alex Schauss collection
Jeff Scovil collection
Dave Shannon collection
Frank Sousa collection
Marshall Sussman collection
Chris Whitney-Smith collection
Will & Pam Wilkinson
Wendell Wilson collection
Edwin Over (biographical sketch)
Mineralogical Record articles on Arizona Localities


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