The Mineralogical Record – Volume 26 # 6 The History Of Mineral Collecting


The Mineralogical Record – Volume 25 # 6


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November – December 1994

The following review, by Si and Ann Frazier, appeared in the January-February 1995 issue of Rocks & Mineralsmagazine:

This is one of the most interesting books that we have read in many years. Surveying mineral collecting from its beginnings in the sixteenth century to the arbitrary date of 1799, the book can be opened at random and immediately capture the mineral lover’s full attention.

It is organized into three main parts. The first 155 pages are essentially a chronological arrangement, with a learned but easily read, informative, and often fascinating description of what is known of the sixteenth- through eighteenth-century mineral collectors, their collections, and, in many cases, the ultimate disposition of their collections.



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