The Mineralogical Record – Volume 18 # 3


The Mineralogical Record – Volume 18 # 3


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January – February 2002

Bassetite and Other Uranium Minerals from Arcu su Linnarbu, Capoterra, Cagliari, Sardinia [Italy]
The Alice Glory Hole, Clear Creek County, Colorado
The Museum of the Geological Survey of South Africa
Garnet Hill, White Pine County, Nevada
– A Baumhauerite-like Mineral from Quiruvilca, Peru
– Franklin Show 2001
Monazite and Calcioancylite from the Foote Mine, North Carolina
An Unusual Quartz Crystal from Zaire
The Collector’s Library: Minerals of the United States– Update and Additions
A Photographer’s Guide to Taking Mineral Specimen Photographs for the Mineralogical Record
Notes From the Editor
– What’s New in Minerals? (Department)


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